Stratcom-B1000 Projects

$6,015,291.98 | POP 9/21/18 – 10/17/19

Pro-Mark Services was the prime contractor on the B1000 Multiple Projects contract. The project was an interior remodel and beautification project mainly, satisfying the building construction within buildings requirement. The B1000 multiple awarded contract consisted of 4 separate projects that included Command Image Interior  Design General Construction (includes the Signs, Displays & Museum Package), Sculpture Planter and   Exterior Site Improvements (Garden Café), Cooling Tower Beautification, Terrazzo Shield with all having separate completion time lines. The multiple awarded project required high level management, strict security clearance, attention to detail, subcontractor/security coordination, scheduling deliveries, burn/dig permits, soil/concrete testing, coordination meetings, safety & quality control inspections, budget tracking, completing tight time lines with museum quality finishes while adhering to a non-disclosure agreement in a highly secured facility. The Command Image Interior Design General Construction included demolishing column finishes, flooring, and walls. Installation of customized acoustic sound paneling in 60’ ceiling, granite platforms encased  in glazing, drywall with level 4 finishes, painting, staining, polished plaster, Scuffmaster, wall covering, customized lighting, LVT, carpet tile, custom library shelving, custom mill work, fire suppression, metal fabrication, CNC government military and facility shields, vinyl wall art, custom carved aviation models, replica full size missile models standing over 20’ tall, engraved plaques, and custom lettering. The Sculpture Planter included demolishing concrete panels and landscaping. Installation of cast in place concrete planter walls, concrete flat work, 5’ custom stainless-steel fabricated models’ placement, conduit boring, lighting, soil compaction/soil testing/concrete testing, mulch/plants, and design/fabrication/powder coat seating with ADA accommodations. The Cooling Tower Beautification included the installation of 26 cast in place concrete footings, brick masonry 40’ tall, mortar, metal flashing, sealing, landscape grading, and seeding. The Terrazzo Shield included carpet tile removal, concrete grinding, CNC layout of government facility shield, multi-colored resin, polishing, and carpet cut in around newly installed terrazzo shield.