Ct Scanner Modular Building- Crow Agency MT

Provide a vestibule connecting the main building to the new modular structure. This will consist of standard insulated metal stud wall construction with exterior Hardie Board finish to match the modular building, and interior finishes intended for corridor use (i.e. gypsum board, rubber base, and vinyl flooring). The vestibule roof will consist of insulated metal roof deck with EPDM roofing membrane. All doors and frames will be hollow metal construction. The utility chase roof will consist of standing seam metal roofing over composite nail base insulated roof sheathing over steel deck. The approximately 730 square foot addition adjacent to the main hospital will be an independent structure, seismically separated from the hospital. The modular is a one story structure to be constructed over a 2’-6” clear crawl space. Civil utility work will include cold water and sanitary sewer extensions form underneath the existing hospital building to the proposed utility chase. These extensions will be connected to by piping shown on the building plumbing plans. Drainage facilities and downspouts at the perimeter of the modular building will be piped underground to the nearby storage pond. Site work will include removal of the existing dirt berm outside the hospital building, reconstruction of asphalt pavement and concrete curb to maintain vehicle access, construction of concrete flatwork and excavation of the crawlspace under the new modular building. Retaining footings under the modular building will be constructed per the structural drawings. New plumbing, mechanical, fire protection and electrical will be provided for modular building and vestibule entry.