Repair Corrosion Control Building 622

Renovate existing Building 622 to facilitate the industrial hygiene protocols as outlined in the UFC.

Replace the existing paint booths with a larger painting/sanding booth adequate in size to accommodate the largest piece of equipment serviced. Repairs and upgrades will be made to the facility as required to support the primary objectives stated and as required to address existing deficiencies.

Repair Intel Vault Room

As the prime contractor, Pro-Mark Services performed abatement remediation, Demo of existing area, floor level/concrete work, patch in new masonry walls, miscellaneous steel install,  installation of frames/doors/hardware (sound control door assemblies), painting, insulation, sound control joint sealants, insulation, casework, specialties items which included: display units, interior signage and metal lockers.  Subcontracted work included: asbestos remediation, interior framing and gypsum board installation, acoustical ceilings and sound absorption panels, carpet, wet pipe sprinkler system, HVAC which includes: TAB, BACnet Digital Control, Refrigerant piping, HVAC equipment; Electrical which includes: interior distribution system, variable frequency drive, interior lighting, building telecommunications system, interior fire alarm and mass notification system.