Repair Fitness Center Roof B321- Offutt AFB

Pro-Mark Services is proud to have been awarded the roof replacement to the largest fitness center in the DoD at 220,000 sq./ft which serves nearly 600,000 personnel per year. The Offutt Field House began as a modification hangar for the Martin Bomber Plant during World War II. Its most notable contribution was modifying the B-29s Enola Gay and Bockscar for their special mission over Japan. Coordination with the FAA & the Control Tower is key especially being so close to the flight line to ensure the crane requirements are being met and the debris is being contained. The roof replacement consists of a complete removal down to the decking and reinstalling a vapor barrier, two layers of ISO, coverboard, and 115mil PVC membrane. The roof is also been equipped with new gutter/downspouts, snow guards, roof hatch, and safety railing.