Repair Energy Cover B117 – GFAFB

$2,015,332.00 | POP 3/8/19 – 9/10/20

Pro-Mark Services, Inc has been awarded the contract to renovate the facility (B117) to increase energy efficiency and to replace mechanical and electrical equipment. The project includes but is not limited to concrete, masonry, fire suppression, plumbing, electrical and earthwork while adhering to the latest standards and requirements. Some of the work included involves repairing the building ventilation and exhaust systems, providing a new chiller, providing chilled and hot water circulating pumps, updating the chiller screen to meet AT/FP requirements, adding brick to exterior wall faces of chiller screen, and installing Energy Recovering Ventilator Units in the new attic dormers to improve energy efficiency. All material selections, construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance must comply with the latest addition of Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC).