Repair Hangar Fire Suppression/Alarms B601, B603 & B605-GFAFB

$3,062,055.57 | POP 10/31/17 – Current

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) removal and disposal: Hangars 601, 603, and 605 have known C8 type AFFF concentrate supplied from the pump house B655. The contractor shall remove the C8 AFFF from the piping system of all three hangars and properly dispose prior to construction under project JFSD201406 Repair AFFF Systems and Fire Alarms Hangar 601. The C8 AFFF shall be purged from the piping system by MilSpec C6 AFFF. The contractor shall procure a Fire Protection Engineer’s services to calculate the required volume of MilSpec C6 AFFF needed to ensure C8 AFFF has properly vacated the piping system. The contractor shall capture all of the existing C8 AFFF and transport to a facility where the C8 AFFF shall be high-temperature incinerated. All calculations, methods, schedules, and chain of custody manifest of the transport and disposal shall be provided to the government for approval. The contracting officer shall be notified two weeks prior to C8 AFFF removal. Restore existing AFFF fire suppression systems in Hangars 601, 603 and 605 to code in accordance with applicable regulations including Air Force Instructions (AFIs), Engineering Technical Letters (ETLs), and Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGSs). Remove existing sump pumps in Hangars 601 and 603. Remove and replace of sump pump in Hangar 605. Remove and/or relocate existing mechanical equipment to provide additional space necessary for fire suppression system.