Repair Intel Vault Room

$1,087,816.00 | POP 8/7/2019 – 10/10/2020

As the prime contractor, Pro-Mark Services performed abatement remediation, Demo of existing area, floor level/concrete work, patch in new masonry walls, miscellaneous steel install,  installation of frames/doors/hardware (sound control door assemblies), painting, insulation, sound control joint sealants, insulation, casework, specialties items which included: display units, interior signage and metal lockers.  Subcontracted work included: asbestos remediation, interior framing and gypsum board installation, acoustical ceilings and sound absorption panels, carpet, wet pipe sprinkler system, HVAC which includes: TAB, BACnet Digital Control, Refrigerant piping, HVAC equipment; Electrical which includes: interior distribution system, variable frequency drive, interior lighting, building telecommunications system, interior fire alarm and mass notification system.