Repair Stratcom Net Barriers

$3,343,252.81 | POP 4/16/20 – Current

Design and construction net barriers, passive vehicle barriers, and associated construction for (3) FutureNet GRAB 300 net barriers at the Kenney Gates, and (1) FutureNet GRAB 300 net barrier at the Bellevue Gate with an AOR as stated in the MACC contract. At the Bellevue Gate, in order to make the existing roadway geometry comply with the necessary delay between the gatehouse and the AVB, we found it was necessary to install a permanent traffic control barrier in the roadway. While this is not shown in the government’s request, we added it to the project design for approval as it will be an enhancement and will better allow us to meet optimal traffic deterrence. We envisioned that the best option would be a raised concrete island 18” tall. We have also provided the added option for filling the serpentine concrete median with landscaping, as well as an alternative option to infill the island with concrete to minimize maintenance needed over time. We also installed 5’ x 2’ x 18” solid limestone containment blocks from the Kenney Gate and the Bellevue Gate to/from each of the net barriers. The limestone block placement at the Kenney gate was determined during the design phase after field verification of the best location due to elevations of the land around these roads. There were also bollards with a cable closure between them located at various locations at both the Kenney and Bellevue Gates.