B493 Renovate Flight Simulator OFT 5 Project

$6.8 Million | POP 09/30/2020-09/30/2021

Pro-Mark Services Inc. is honored to have been selected to renovate the existing training facility at Offutt AFB to accommodate the 55th Wing’s newest Operational Flight Training Simulator, known as OFT 5. Pro-Mark Services first gained familiarity with training simulators in 2019 when chosen by the 55th wing to supply power to the newly upgraded OFT 2 and OFT 3. Operational Flight Simulators are vital to the Air Force and provide pilots and crew the ability to train safely, and at a much lower cost than flying the actual aircraft. The OFT 5 will be massive and utilize hydraulic legs to mimic real world flight scenarios. We are performing multiple scopes of work to include but not limited to Demo, Masonry, Roofing, Openings, Metals, Fire Suppression/Alarm, Specialties, Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical. Pro-Mark Services will completely renovate the space for the OFT 5 inside and out, including a complete remodel of the room where OFT 1 was housed before it was decommissioned.