Fargo VA Call Center Renovation

$1.7 Million | POP 9/22/2021-3/22/2022

Pro-Mark Services was selected as the low offeror on a firm-fixed price contract to execute the Fargo VA Call Center Renovation Construction Project. As the prime contractor, we are tasked with performing a high level of coordination on a complex government project. Relevant scope for this project includes but not limited to: Demolition, Concrete, Masonry, Metals, Rough Carpentry, Openings, Finishes, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Suppression, Plumbing, and Communications. Pro-Mark Services is showing an ability to adapt and overcome unforeseen issues included with performing work in a building currently being occupied by multiple government agencies.
After receiving the notice to proceed, Pro-Mark Services began coordinating all pre-construction tasks. Submittals, badging, and pre-constructions meetings were conducted in a timely manner by the project manager to start construction on time and relieve potential delays in the construction phase. Demolition of the current space is starting with asbestos abatement then moving further into the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural components. A critical detail in this project is allowing the rest of the federal building to be operational during demolition and construction. The work is being monitored closely to ensure that no issues are relayed to the rest of the building. Multiple tie ins will be necessary throughout the demolition and rough-in phases which will take a high level of coordination with all parties involved; overseen by Pro-Mark Services.